The Francois Sagan Series

In 2009 I made the first in what was to become a series of seven book works produced from the novels of Francois Sagan. La Chamade takes the novel of that name and reproduces it removing all of the text other than sentences beginning "She..." up to the first punctuation mark. This process transforms both the object itself and the text within it. We don't consciously think of our behaviour when we handle a book, but my book works disrupt this behaviour and make us aware of these conventions. We see that it is a book, but we recognise that it is not an ordinary book. The text inside has also been disrupted. No longer is it a continuous stream of left to right, line after line, paragraphs and pages filled with text. The lines are separated by often large spaces, the narrative is fragmented and what was a linear story has become concrete poetry. I continued the series over several years with a "He...", an "I...", a "We...", a "They...", a "You...", and an "It...". In 2017 I turned the whole series into a spoken word sound piece, complete with overlapping voices and lengthy pauses, and I currently have plans to direct a performance of it.   

La Chamade (She...), paperback book, 2009

Sunlight on Cold Water (He...), paperback book, 2010

Wonderful Clouds (I...), paperback book, 2010

Lost Profile (You...), paperback book, 2014

A Certain Smile (We...), paperback book, 2014

Scars on the Soul (They...), paperback book, 2014

Silken Eyes and Other Sories (It...), paperback book, 2014